MSBuild Task

To allow Pickles to integrate right into your build process there is an MSBuild task provided. You can use this right in your Visual Studio projects or separate MSBuild .proj files.

Referencing via NuGet

The easiest method to install in your project is to use the Pickles.MSBuild NuGet package. This package includes the MSBuild task and a build target that is automatically added to your .csproj.

The default build target is configurable via the following MSBuild properties:

MSBuild Property Description Default
Pickles_Generate True or False whether or not to run the build target and generate documentation. False
Pickles_FeatureDirectory The path to your project's directory containing SpecFlow features. See Pickles documentation $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Features
Pickles_OutputDirectory The Pickles documentation output directory. This directory will be removed if it exists, and recreated. See Pickles documentation $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\pickles-site
Pickles_DocumentationFormat Documentation format See Pickles documentation
Pickles_ResultsFormat Results format See Pickles documentation
Pickles_ResultsFile Results file See Pickles documentation
Pickles_SystemUnderTestName System under test name See Pickles documentation
Pickles_SystemUnderTestVersion System under test version See Pickles documentation
Pickles_Language The language of the .feature files. en for English

Example 1 - Configuration via .csproj

One way to control the build target is to add properties to your .csproj file:


Example 2 - Configuration via MSBuild.exe

Build target properties can also be passed to MSBuild via command-line argument.

msbuild /p:Pickles_Generate=True /p:Pickles_DocumentationFormat=dhtml /p:Pickles_OutputDirectory=C:\Temp\MyDocumentation

Manually Referencing the Task

Download Pickles and place the PicklesDoc.Pickles.MSBuild.Tasks.dll assembly somewhere on your disk (if you are using continuous integration then make sure it is somewhere in your working folder). You then get access to the Pickles task by including this at the top of your .proj file:

<UsingTask AssemblyFile=".\path\to\Pickles.MSBuild.Tasks.dll" TaskName="Pickles" />

Using the Task

The task is very simple to use. Simply add a target and call the Pickles task from within like so:

<Target Name="document">
    <MakeDir Directories="$(OutputDirectory)" />
    <Pickles FeatureDirectory="$(FeatureDirectory)" OutputDirectory="$(OutputDirectory)" />


See the Pickles.Sample project for an example of using this task in real life.