Test Results File


Path to the XML results file. The filename itself can be a wildcard as defined by the searchpattern of the .NET Directory.GetFiles() method.

For selecting multiple resultsfiles to be processed, you can use the wildcard searchpattern, you can enter the files as a semicolon separated list or a combination of both. Selecting only a path to a folder will not work, when all files in a folder needs to be selected, append a * to the path.

Default Value


Possible Values

Any path(s) or patterns for a results file in XML format as long as it results in at least one match to a valid file.



Pickles.exe --link-results-file=C:\MyProject\Reports\results.xml

Pickles.exe -lr=C:\MyProject\Reports\results.xml

Pickles.exe -lr=C:\MyProject\Reports\*.xml

Pickles.exe -lr=C:\MyProject\UnitTest\results.xml;C:\MyProject\SystemTest\*


Pickle-Features -TestResultsFile C:\MyProject\Reports\results.xml


 <Target Name="document">
     <Pickles ResultsFile="C:\MyProject\Reports\results.xml" />